Website - Earnhoney

Hi guys, as some of you know I have recently built a smartphone farm and I am using it to make quite a bit of extra cash (over a $1000 a month) mostly passive. I also use my computers for this and one of the sites I am using is

How this works is you sign up with the above link (it gives you a bonus) and when you are not using your computer go to the site and choose buzz TV on the left hand side. Choose one of the 30 HD$ an hour offers (i choose the one with Mr. Bean) and follow the prompts until you have videos running then leave that video running in the foreground while you are at sleep or work. I prefer to use the Chrome browser.

You need to turn off ad-blockers or you wont get paid

Adobe Flash must be installed and enabled

If you need any help or other info on this send me a message or hit me up in teamspeak (


P.S. If your not in KoS the next game we are playing is Revelation Online and the 2nd phase of closed beta starts in a few weeks, feel free to come join me and my band of cash shop heroes!

P.S.S. This is my crazy PC setup I built: