Welcome to the Money Grinder!

Hello! My online friends call me Nitro, I am a gamer and hardware geek with a server rack of computers and a bunch of smartphones that I use to make extra money online. Most of it is passive earning and I am currently banking an extra $1500 a month.

I do this as a hobby (my full time job pays very well) but if someone were to take it more serious than me I am sure they could make a lot more with a setup this extreme.

To get started with something like this I encourage you to NOT spend any money, just use what you have lying around the house to test it out and make sure these apps and sites work for you and the area you live in.

You can use PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and even your Roku.

If you decide to expand the goal is to get Smartphones and Tablets as cheap as you can, wait for the sales so that they will pay for themselves in a very short time. I only buy android phones if they are $20 or less, you can find these on sale quite often.

Many posts will follow on this page so press the Favorite/Bookmark button on your browser and stay tuned in. I will be sure to update you all with the Apps and Websites I use to make extra cash as well as any smartphone sales. I will provide lots of technical info on smartphone setups and networking as well.

If you have questions feel free to send me a message or stop by my teamspeak server at kosteamspeak.com

This is what my setup looked like last month, it is always growing: